April 28th and 29th 2018

Our well-known Wellsville Trout Derby brings hundreds to enjoy the great Genesee River fishing and $25,000 in prizes.

The lakes, ponds, rivers and streams of Allegany County, NY are all primed, stocked with trout, and ready for fishing! These New York waterways are in the best shape they have been for quite a while, so come on out and get practicing for Wellsville Trout Derby on the Genesee River, April 28 & 29. 

The Walleye season begins the first Saturday in May. Allen Lake has received a good bunch of 2-year-old trout, and calico bass are beginning to show up in Alma Pond, Allen Lake, and Rushford Lake. If you are too busy to fish you are too busy.  Allegany County - another reason why New York loves fishing! Spring 2018 Trout Stocking for Allegany County.  This table shows anticipated numbers of trout to be added to the Genesee River in Allegany County in Spring 2018. This includes brown trout and rainbow trout. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/23337.html

Sat, April 28th Fishing 6 am to 7 pm
Sun, April 29th Fishing 6 am to 5 pm 


$15 Before April 1st
$20 After April 1st

Download forms here:

 Registration Form Derby Map Sponsor Form

To enter and find more details, go to www.trout-derby.com/registration

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