Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn of Angelica

January 24, 2019

Oh, the memories of spring, especially when it comes to Maple trees and the making of Maple syrup. I can still remember waking early, heading out to the elements and hauling buckets of sap to the boiler pan. With my family it was done plein-air-style, in the middle of the woods. Our procedure still obtained the same results, and we had enough syrup for us and for other family members too. Just about anyone who lives in Allegany County has either made their own at one time, or helped someone else who has.

There is nothing better than the sound of pancakes being flipped when the last bubbles of the battered concoction slowly form. At Cartwright’s it is nothing short of a perfectly choreographed chorus line of cooking pancakes taking place to fill the hundreds of patrons that come through the doors on any given day—and for the most part your seat will be within view of being able to watch the whole process as you wait in anticipation of your order.

Cartwrights is “the go-to place” in our county for the best experience of the Maple syrup business and for dining on a fresh stack of their famous buckwheat pancakes. They have been in business for more than fifty-five years. The business started in 1963, and the minute the word gets out of their opening each February, people make special plans on getting there . . . people come from near and far. Virginia Cartwright is the matriarch of the business.

Her daughter, Rhonda, is the expert on the pancake griddle. Thirty-three cakes fit on it at one time. She pours them out in three lines of eleven, using large pitchers of pancake batter. A row of several pitchers full of batter are nearby on a shelf. It’s a half-second between each one flipped.

Cartwrights also have a very extensive line of maple products in their gift shop, including bags of their buckwheat pancake mix, maple syrup, and maple candy.

So, if you find yourself nearby during maple season in Allegany County, stop by at the Maple Tree Inn located at 4321 on County Road 15A in Angelica. Their hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 9 to 8; Saturday from 8 to 8; and Sunday from 8 to 6. They are closed on Mondays and on Easter Sunday.